Solange Lalonde

About Solange

solange lalondeSolange conceptualized, designed, and implemented a competency-based teaching and learning program with Moodle.

Formulated the process for scalable implementation to build digital competence of educators while creating a systemic collection of learning activities informed by regional perspectives.

Implemented the stages outlined in the International Bureau of Education Developing and Implementing Curriculum Frameworks as a resource to guide the development of a global program.

Supervising and monitoring curriculum implementation; establishing communication strategies; creating curriculum and training resources; leading research in collaboration with higher education institutions and K12 systems.


UNESCO Mobile Learning Week 2017, Paris, France: one of over 500 applicants selected to deliver a 1.5 hour workshop on the Moodle Educator Certification Program.

Moodle Moots: delivering presentations, workshops and keynotes to educators, system leaders, and workplace trainers in Miami, USA; Mumbai, India; Toronto, Canada; Cape Town, South Africa; Serbia (remote presentation); and Hyderabad, India.

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